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    While I will always praise the development of any game in our beloved flight sim genre. I cannot believe for a moment that this new game will silence any of the whiners that are on this forum.

    Can any of us really expect that this game will have better fm fidelity that the il2 series?
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    I used to have Rowans BoB but it never ran well with my old computer. I'll probable buy this one when it comes out. It has some interesting features and I love flying BoB.

    I'd be careful judging the final game by that 109 cockpit shot. It looks like the picture has been rendered using the 3D design programs global illumination shader that adds nice soft shadows and definition to the textures. In game it will probable look about the same as the IL2 109 pit. Of course that's not such a bad thing especially as it supports 6DOF.
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    This Bf109E cocpit shot is from the game engine. Look at the the textures od J8A from FB. It is made with same techniques - texture backing. Right now it is unfinished (some textures need tweaking and models should be done).


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    If the AI and AI FM are believable I'll be happy, Battle of Britain all the more better. Figure we may see patch PF 3.03 about the same time . While I have enjoyed the IL2 series, the engine is rather dated, no matter how many bells and whistles you add. This will be a definate buy, plus this company has picked up the B17 title, now we may get a decent multiplayer, large bomber sim.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by FI_Macca44:
    Hope somebody releases it in Poland,otherwise I will have to use my freind in Germany to get it (which means additional costs - chocolates,flowers,when she's in Poland,etc).
    Salut m8! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Those are not costs, but an inversion.
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