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    Have you heard this - GMX Media and Shockwave Productions announce the release of Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory in Feb. 2005. It's the follower of Battle of Britain released by Rowan.

    Have you heard anything about it?
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    Have you heard this - GMX Media and Shockwave Productions announce the release of Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory in Feb. 2005. It's the follower of Battle of Britain released by Rowan.

    Have you heard anything about it?
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    BoB had lots of possibility but I could never get it to run with any stability, much less without stutter and I know a large number of the community had similar problems. Hopefully, with Shockwave, we'll get a finished product that is playable. How can they get it to market by Feb is what I'm wondering.
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    let us see what they create. Have BoB too. It was really never playable at all but the flight model and the number of planes and other nice features were really promising.
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    I was playing old BoB, but must say that game is rather unplayable (at least seriously). Lack of proper key binding (never understand that aspect of theRowan's BoB), little bug with resolution...

    Other than that it was good game for it's time. We will see what future BoB is going to bring us.
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    "LONDON, UK (November 5, 2004) - GMX Media and Shockwave Productions have announced they have decided to produce a new WWII air combat game entitled, "Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory!" Earlier this year, GMX Media acquired rights to the former and critically acclaimed "Rowan€s Battle of Britain." Shockwave Productions is developing the new title, which is scheduled for release in early 2005.

    "With the huge success of Firepower Shockwave were the obvious choice for the development of Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory, we are glad to be working with the great guys at Shockwave again." commented COO for GMX Media, Eugene Perry. "Development is going well and on time, the game is looking fantastic, we look forward to showing it to the public."

    "The original game from Rowan released in 2001 is still the most complete and authentic reproduction of the Battle of Britain ever done. Battle of Britain €˜Wings of Victory€ is building on this strong foundation to create something truly special. Every member of the team brings passion to their work and it shows in the quality of the game," said Scott Gentile of Shockwave Production Inc.

    Release Date: February 2005!" ( http://www.warcry.com/scripts/column...108&colid=5593 )

    I wonder what the guys of the BoB/MiG Alley Development Group think about this?

    FWIW, I could never get Rowan's Battle of Britain to work on my XP computer; lots of hang-ups at loading screen and then the flight models are a total mess once the game starts. I patched up to BoB/MDG's 0.97(?) patch with no luck and then gave it up for good. Rowan's BoB has potential -- I liked some of the features I saw -- but I think that Shockwave is going to have to deliver a really massive overhaul to make this attractive ... Will GMX put the money and time into allowing this, or is this basically an attempt to update the visuals and send it out to market to make a quick buck? (No offense is intended to either Shockwave or GMX here, as both appear to be in the biz for the long haul and have good reputations ... I'm not charging that the XiCat/ Mad Doc "Jane's Attack Squadron" fiasco is repeating itself. I do, however, recognize that some projects are seen as 'meat on the table' to publishers without requiring the pain of development time and costs, and pay the bills for grander flagship titles.)

    Being that part of 1C:Maddox Game's success in the IL-2 series can be attributed to the developers resynthethizing some of the best features of prior sims into their own completely new product, I can only assume that they have had one eye on the Rowan's version as a template (in a way of speaking) as they work on their own BoB. This is more interesting to me than watching how Shockwave will re-interpret/refine existing code.
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    Re-hashing an old game engine? I'm skeptical about this one but will wait and see what they can deliver.
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    Hope that link works.

    Is this bad news for Oleg's BOB? I certainly hope not, although I did like the tactical side of Rowans BOB where you ran figther command, the flight dynamics were poor.
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    Have you seen the screenshots?


    Doesn't look like a rehash of the old engine to me. It's looking very promising and because it comes out early next year it's even better.

    And that cockpit shot looks sweeeeeet. 6DOF capable as well.

    Competition is good. It benefits all simmers.
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    Hmm, tried search-function on those BoB2 pages in my Firefox but could not find anything about multiplayer. Seems to me that it's singleplayer only...
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