Under the GF2 emu mode in the notepad cfg the shadow maps loose their Z. Sometimes lesser ones are produced also. Through out the game, Xbox/PC makes 6-8 shadow maps per frame maximum, PS2/GC makes 4-5 maximum.

So heres some 320x240 images from my mp4 walkman.

Heres the beginning area.

On ps2/gc the shadows of Sam would be produced on the object before him

On PC/Xbox there are 3 simple maps with nearplane ratio at 1.0 (same size from start to end, made for less pixelation of sunlight shadows). On ps2/GC there would been 2 with assisting static shadows.

Here's the 2 upclose and heres the pc/xbox upclose using a square light map.

One last pic.

Neat option there.

PS: Under the PT engine it could look even better, on PT PS2/GC uses a shadow map z-sorting (I guess that would be what you call it). Here shadows swap recieving on objects dertermining the distance to one another from the light's position. PT also has of course alot of darker shadows on PS2/GC.