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    Hello All i just bought PF and am learning but i am having some problems landing,I went to traing area to attempt landing practice, and my landing gear wont come down, and also in one mission i landed on carrier turn eng off up hook chocks in and nothing happens it just sits there no mission complete or anything, anyhelp will be helpful.
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    also can i play on line with PAc Fighters, I do not have any other of the games,just ordered the new IL2.
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    On the USN/USMC side of the plane list. You will have to go into your game controls. Assign a keyboard key to Rise gear manually.I use the up arrow key. It is not automatic. I have to press that arrow up key quite a few times.My index finger has become so
    numb I lost count. Ouch! The same needs to be
    aplied to the Lower gear manually . I assigned the Lower gear manualy to the down arrow key. Here is a web page that has instructional videos Dart's page I quite enjoy the commentary as well.Do you know that when you choose a Pilot carrer, the game gives you options to View difficulty? Turning the NO instant success button on or off might be why the mission did not end.Other factors could be that you did not complete the nission. Did you use your map to look at your waypoints? The mission briefs can tell you what is imortant for you to follow. Get familliar with you full mission builder. Look at a few missions under the microscope. (FMB) Assign one key to view the enemy planes externally, then another to view frriendly planes. Find the section in the FMB that allows you to PLAY the mission. If you get a blank screen change to one of your external views. You can see the whole mission as if you are watching a movie. I hope that helps. Good Luck.

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    The F4U Corsairs and the F6F do let you raise or lower the gear with one keypress. But the training plane (F4F, I think) makes you raise/lower the gear manually as BlueKestral described.
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    The Wildcats (F4F-3, F4F-4, FM2) have a manually raised and lowered gear. It was a hallmark of Grumman aircraft at the time. If you look to the right side of the cockpit, you can see the handcrank. It operated a system quite like a bicycle chain and sprockets

    Assign keystrokes for "manually raise" and "Manually rettract" landing gear
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    S! all. Thanks for the further explanation on the maual retract gear planes. It was late and since he was in the training area he would be using the early planes. I know it looks like a typo, however in the controls it is Rise Gear manualy, and Lower Gear manualy he should look for. I am a terrible typist and I wanted to edit it afterwards. <div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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    Hey Thundergrunt

    Depending on the mission/scenario, the only message you will recieve when you have completed the objectives is "mission complete" in red text across the screen. The objectives for the mission can be assigned in the FMB for various actions such as destroying XX or escorting XX or even a successful RTB.

    Once you have accomplished these objectives and you recieve the "mission completed" message, you will recieve no further messages from the game. Once you have landed you can exit the scenario at will and then you will get a brief of what you destroyed during the mission. For that matter you really dont need to land at all, depending on the scenario.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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    THanks for the Info fellas, I did not know about the manual gear thing and i was in a wild cat, also i was flying around and how do i bomb with the planes especcialy the SBD,
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    Originally posted by Thundergrunt:
    THanks for the Info fellas, I did not know about the manual gear thing and i was in a wild cat, also i was flying around and how do i bomb with the planes especcialy the SBD,
    You have to arm your plane in the arming section.
    In Quick mission Builder click on the far right button (arrow), and look for the drop-down list of bombs etc.

    You might need to set a key to drop the bomb (alt+spacebar or just spacebar works for me for rockets/bombs, can't remember which is which though), look in the 'contols' section - on the main page of the game.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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    S! Thundergrunt.

    A link to know your weapons

    Cockpit reference

    A link to complex engine mangement

    Dive Bombing D3A

    Dive bombing Stuka

    Plus check out the link for bombing in Dart's movies. Not SBD specific but you wanna learn to bomb yes?

    I hope this helps.Print and read at your leisure
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