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    Originally posted by cepwin:
    I'm enjoying it but I have two questions I posted in the "myshape" section.
    1. My profile is listed mistakenly as male ... I can't find how to correct it.
    2. How accurate is the calorie counter?

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    I agree with the comments above. As a physician, I have too many injuries related to inadequate warm ups and cool downs. I feel UbiSoft is leaving itself open to liability by not incorporating both a proper warm up and cool down into every routine. Every aerobics, kick boxing, step, dance classes always start with a proper warm up and end with a proper cool down. They could even let user opt out of it if they want but leave that risk up to the user.
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    I have been using the Zen classes to warm up/cool down. It actually had a prompt that advised me to do that. The Zen classes are nice because they really stretch your muscles. I really love Your Shape and am so happy I got the Kinect! I never had the original Your Shape for Xbox so I don't have anything negative to say in comparison. I can definitely see myself losing weight with this!
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    I must add that I dived right in, had my body scanned and put in my weight and age and immediately went into toning cardio.
    I didn't know when to stop or how long a session should be, so did an hour and burnt 300 calories, which seemed a really small amount for the amount I put in, compared to a gym running machine which is 180 calories in 10 minutes.
    However, I could barely use my legs for three days. I knew where my 'glutes' were like never before and my legs ache now four days later. Getting to bed has been tough.
    This game makes out it is the complete package but with no warm up/cool down advice it is actually a pain trap as it stands.
    It is actually dangerous if followed verbatim, no warnings on package or carefully constructed software, nothing. No clearly obvious stage where you prepare the body or cool it down. No timed sessions. It needs a health warning right now.
    If you advertise as the whole package, and state so as the software is played then you need to include the appropriate measures or state them before commencing.
    Without this it throws the research and advice made to make this (otherwise good) programme into serious doubt.
    Every live trainer I have had has gone through warm up and cool down if I think back. Missing form here can be very painful if one forgets.
    Include this and save a million pained thighs and Gluteus maximus's and a dislike towards this product and its use ever again.

    I've copied this to all main selling sight as comment as it seems necessary.
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    the game is wonderful
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    My Fiancee (on Her behalf), and myself, both of us would like to thank you for this fitness title i.e. YSFT.

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">Good health, and Happy living.</span>

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    Help! I am having trouble with the your shape center. It is really frustrating. I finally figured out how to add my friends from xbox live on to my yourshapecenter.com and even set up a challenge. I won the challenge last night. Then I sign on to my yourshapecenter.com to set up a new goal and challenge. And my icon is messed up, my xbox live gamertag is nowwhere to be found and all my friends are gone! What the heck. It is still me like my trophies, workout and calorie counter is right but what happened. And more importantly how the heck do I get my friends back on there. Since I have already linked my uplay account with my your shape evolved 2012 game. I obviously can't do it the same way I did last time. Where is all the tech support for this stupid site. I have a off site challenge going and the only way I can keep track of all my friends and their scores is through the yourshapecenter website!
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    How do I get to the Workouts menu as I am trying to customize a workout plan that specifically includes an ab routine but for the life of me I cannot see it...
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