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    I just bought HOMM5 from steam. I seem to have a few issues:

    I can't skip the intro movies at all.
    The camera will not rotate with either keyboard or mouse, or zoom in.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong, or is this the way its supposed to be?
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    Solution Found For Cannot Zoom, Tilt, Pan, in Heroes of Might & Magic 5 (HOMM5)

    This problem was quite challenging and I could not find a solution for my situation on the net. I am not sure if this will help, but I found antivirus and/or firewall can interfere with the game's ability to write files as it needs. In my case. When I first started the game, I could not save either. Windows defender warned me, so I allowed the exception for HOMM5, but it was not enough! There was more to do and Windows Defender needed more tweaking in my case.

    I am running Windows 10 and I have ransomware protection enabled, Windows 10 Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & Threat Protection -> Ransomware Protection (scroll all the way to the bottom to see it). Then Manage ransomware protection. In there I have Controlled Folder Access set to ON, which is the cause of this behavior with this game. Click on allow an app through controlled folder access, then YES to User Account Control prompt if you have UAC enabled, then click + Add an allowed app, then choose Browse all Apps, then select the hof_launcher.exe to allow through. In my case, I got the game through UPlay so my path is different:

    c:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Heroes of Might and Magic V\hof_launcher.exe

    For steam it might be more like this:

    c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Heroes of Might and Magic V\hof_launcher.exe

    Anyway, enabling that app fixed the issue, now I can use ESC to skip the cutscenes, PGUP/PGDN to zoom, right mouse button to rotate and tilt, middle mouse button to pan around, mouse wheel lets to zoom in and out, and all the arrow keys work for pan. Before this. none of that worked, only dragging right and left and up and down to pan worked.

    Something else, that is cool, I have a dual monitor setup and if I drag the mouse all the way to the side, the pan control stays in the HOMM5 window, not like some games where I cannot use the border to drag the view. That is either a cursing or a blessing, depending on how you look at it .

    If that doesn't work, then check your AV program or firewall. I just verified everything works on latest build of Windows 10, so if yours does not work, check those things. I do not have a Mac, so can't say about that, but I have seen people having the same issues on Mac. A LOT of people have met this issue and I saw one other person where their AV was blocking things, and once they made an exception, it fixed it, so check those kinds of things.

    Oh, and I saw a lot of comments trashing UBISoft, but they can't control people's local firewall and AV settings, so they are getting trashed for nothing. UBISoft has done a GREAT job of making HOMM5 work on Windows 10 and keeping the Might & Magic franchise alive! Thank you UBISoft, HOMM5 works great and it is fun to play! Will you please develop HOMM8 and please incoporate TotalBiscuit's advice for what to do (or not to do) when developing that game. There is a LOT of life left in this brand, so please take advantage of that.

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    Had the same problem, I fixed the problem by copying input.cfg or input_a2.cfg (depends on windows 7/8/10)


    C:\Users\<my username>\Documents\My Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East\Profiles\<my username>


    <Program Files (x86)>\GOG Galaxy\Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East\profiles\default_profile

    good luck!!
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