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    I can get to the restored memory and start it but after the dialogue I get stuck playing as an invisable character. I can't open the menu, map or the weapons tab. Like in the loading animus. I have however got the 4 characters and 2 modes in multiplayer. Don't have drachen armour,officer or harlequin which, according to wikipedia, I should have. Wikipedia AC:B
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    Did you play the game through? I have exact same problem, the memory starts first but then I have invisible char and the memory wont go forward. Only way to exit is crashing game.

    For me this is happening because I finished game and then went to Da Vinci story. Myself and few others have made posts about it, no one seems to know if there is fix or not.
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    I have completed the main memories and have a total synch of 85%.
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    I have replayed the sequence 4 castello level without entering the start. Then I went to the restored memory and it worked. Thanks
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    same problem

    I've got the same problem today, I completed all main missions and when I go to restored memory, it stuck in animus environment and loading music begins, please help!!!
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