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    Russia seen from inside a Fw 189:


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    Great photos. Really. Thanks for sharing.

    Perhaps this has been covered already, but I have never seen this question asked.
    What are the fins on the propeller spinners for? I never knew, and I have never asked before now.
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    They are a pretty crude, but effective way of achieving automatic propeller-pitch.

    As the aircraft flies faster, they're getting turned (they're not linked to the prop disc for that matter) ever faster.
    Pitch is set depending on those fins' RPM.
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    Great pictures!!!! And they will be useful reference photos for the future in case Oleg or anyone else wants to build one . The 'Charts and Tables' sticky ought really have it's name changed, allowing for reference photos too: For high quality images like these, and especially for interior photos. They are always very hard to find when you want them.

    Thanks for that information Bremspropeller - now I finally know what those fins are for.
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    BTW: I should have known that beating dead horses such as the 500th Bf109-performance-thread are more popular than some first-class pics of the Charkov-Front in '42
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    Nice pics
    Are those small bombs underneath the wings of the Fw189? I cant quite make them out?

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    Caption or not, there's no mistaking flying over downtown Kharkov when you see it.
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    Fantastic shots!
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    Xio, looks like those are empty racks - propably for SC50s.
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    Nice photos and one of the best things I have seen posted here in a while.

    The FW-189 from accounts appears to have been an absolute joy to fly. It is a shame there are not more of these rare birds around.

    IIRC, two are being restored.

    All the best,

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