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    Shot this of Mr R.G. Middlemiss today, a former WWII RAF pilot (Canadian) who flew Spits as number two with the likes of Johnson and Beurling (#2 and #6 in kills during WWII for the commonwealth). Bob had 4.5 kills during his 2 year service.

    He was a career RCAF pilot and flew Sabres and 104's well after the war.

    I set up a scenario like Malta for him (using the Pacific islands map, fighting Macchis and 109's)

    He had a hard time getting the hang of it a first but picked it up quite fast and actually asked me to pick him up a copy for his computer.

    Anyway, enjoy the clip!

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    Made me laught the comments he made about the chute... "Does it open, I would have mine open by now"

    He was concentrating as well, you could see it.

    Also interesting to see how gentle the turnes he was trying to make were. Makes you think when there is that sticks profile around configured by a real WW2 pilot,,, not as much turning as we do!!!
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    His biggest complaint about the sim was the lack of FOV and lack of a proper rudder (he was using the twist stick).

    He said in a real spit, you could get a good view of the horizon and the dials. In IL-2 he found he got too disoriented.

    I invited him to come to my home and try TIR, my MSFF2 and my rudder. I told him that would make things much easier.

    That being said, he totally enjoyed it and did ask me to pick him up a copy of the game.

    BTW, my favorite comment he made while playing is in the first part of the clip when he asked if the planes that flew past him were coming back to which I said yes, then you can hear him mumble to himself "I better get some speed up then if their coming back".

    Hehe, classic!
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    Nice! Thanks for posting
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    Yeah thanks alot, i think i speak for everyone when i say i love this kind of thing!
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    I can't seem to be able to get the video.

    Very interesting comments from your Spit pilot friend. I guess its' like riding a bicylce for him.
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    Tell him "Thank You" for his service
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    Thank you, always great to see real life vets try out Olegs version!
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