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    I'm hoping this is where I am suppose to post glitches about Assassin's Creed II. When I get to the point in the Acre dream and see the "Target" run into the door, I climb up to the first ease and can't climb up on the lamp post that over hangs it. I've died countless of times trying to climb up and its driving me crazy. Help me please ASAP!
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    I had Exactly the same problem
    what you have to do is go directly under the tip of the wooden lamp thing them hold down RT on the 360 then press A
    hope i helped
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    or do as i did

    stand on the ledge of the wall, run up and jump towards the lamp thing. make use of this ability here as its needed later in the game too.
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    it simple just stand under the end and jump with standing still. it was quite obvious really if you looked at it.
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    just run at the side of the wall then jump to the lamp ledge.
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    Just sit under the post and jump straight up, Ezio will grab a hold of it automatically... Never hurts to ledge-grab though...
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    Please use the Assassins Creed forums for all gameplay discussion, thanks
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