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    Just came to say hello, having just bought the complete edition yesterday. Just getting into the mode of flying, (am avid U-Boat Commander.)

    Anyway hi...let's see how long it takes to get the hang of it.
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    Am at a loss it is

    IL2 Sturmovik 1946,Forgotten Battles, The Ace Expansion pack and Pacific Fighters, Version 4.07 which I have now patched to v4.08, where have I gone wrong or what do I need??

    Cheers Maverick
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    Yeh mate...no troubles at all....just spent the last hour getting off a carrier deck, what a laugh, but got there in the end.

    impressed so far!!!!!

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    Bearcat99's Avatar Senior Member
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    Oct 2002
    Hit the Nugget's Guide and the Essentials thread in my sig.... Welcome aboard..
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    Welcome Maverick,

    There was a PF/IL2 combination available in stores called the Complete Edition....or something along those lines. As cid said THAT WAS complete, but no longer.

    You have the right edition.

    Getting off a carrier can be tough. Congrats.(and you didn't even ask how to do the wheel chocks. )
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    No need to!!!

    You guys have already answered most questions and found the answer in the search menu!!!.

    Still cant get off the deck whilst 'inside' have to look from rear....will endeavour to get better

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    It's all about fun. Sit on the tail fin if you like. Get used to the controls, then go for more challenge.

    Rule number one: HAVE FUN!

    Rule number two: SEE NUMBER ONE!
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    Just remember to open your throttle 110% then release your chocks. Some aircraft will allow a mix change as well. Higher mix will gain some performance at the deck.
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    Originally posted by Maverick_U2007:
    found the answer in the search menu!!!.
    Finally! I knew that there would be someone out there who knew how to use a search menu! Good boy! Just for that you can come over and I shall introduce you to my Sister! She's a little slow but she's a goer!
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    Well guys, have read Bearcat99's 'Nuggets' guide and having followed that have realised that the most impartant thing is that a 'joystick is required' and as such am tracking an X52 online....in for a penny in for a pound (or more)

    C U soon!!!

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