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    Wow, never knew that guy
    bad for a black guy in nazi Germany


    God bless
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    He was one of the voices of a charater in my favorite TV show as a kid: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
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    ~!S!~ RIP... These guys are falling like crazy..
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    No sooner had he got her round than he was forced to make another decision: "Well, guys, this is it, bail out and good luck. Get to it!" Our nose had gone down again and there was no other option. I moved forward towards the hatch in the bomb-aimer’s compartment.

    I had never contemplated being in this situation. We had been instructed in the use of parachutes but never had to practise leaving an aeroplane by one. When I went forward I found that the bomb aimer and engineer who should have left in that order, were struggling to get through the hatch-door situated below the bomb aimer’s cushion in the nose of the plane.

    Al left his controls and came after me. The four of us were soon piled one on top the other, tossed from side to side in the cramped space of the nose of the plane. Though not comprehending why we were unable to escape the now fiercely burning plane, I do not recall any sense of fear or panic . We seemed locked in a timeless moment of inertia when suddenly, with a deafening blast, which lit up everything, our aircraft blew up and disintegrated, freeing us from each other - a free-fall into eternity.

    Holy carp! Imagine living through that.
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