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    I've got a big problem
    when I try disarm the bomb the arm is too slow,or the temparatur rises to fast.I only rolled the mousewheel so that the arm comes up
    waht must I do,pull the arm faster?
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    Don't hold your breath all the time is the only thing I can think of...
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    Yes, you must move the arm faster, but also keep it centered. The faster you move the arm the more it will swing towards the sides. If it touches the sides it will reset and exit you from the disarming.

    I do not know if the 'target' image is on the PC, but there should be a 'target' image (a ring of circles with a dot in the center) to the right. Watch that as you lower/raise the arm and use the direction keys to keep the target centered while moving the arm as fast as possible.

    Keep trying, you will eventually get the task done.
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