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    I just finished re-reading 'Tumult In The Clouds' by James Goodson. You won't learn much about turning circles, drag co-efficients, who had the best visibility hoods or avgas from it. You'll learn a lot about trust, honor and loyalty, about some the characters in the WWII histories you may have read - Blakeslee, Gentile, Beeson, Hoffer; they're all brought to life and their stories told as Goodson saw them. If you liked this book then the photo's on this site will bring their story to life even more. A great collection.


    Check out the rest of the site for other goodies and nice artwork - good stuff.
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    Very good.
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    COOL!!! LoL!!
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    You'll also notice on that site some excellent DVDs are available. I've ordered several from there and have been very pleased. A lot of the links posted here of WWII vintage guncam film are available there. The quality will amaze you.
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    Extremely Mint web site. The photo's are a Fantastic look into the life at one of these war time airfields.

    Thank's for posting
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