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    I wanted to try manual targeting, so in sub school (deck gun) I had a sitting target, easy to mark I thought.

    I didn't lock my scope just centred it about midship and press for range on that dial, as you know you get a mirror image to bring down and when in line, you hit the button to transfer the range.

    I know that the ship is about 500meter away, yet the range came up as 9,000.

    Is it mess up or did I do something wrong?
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    When first looking at it through periscope you have to make sure the black horizontal line at the periscope view is exactly at the waterline of the ship.. Then you press the stadimeter to bring up the mirrorimage.

    And of course - imoportant to choose the correct ship.

    The mirror image should "touch" the top of the original periscope view image - that means top of the mast.

    Then the calculation should be right!

    Did it help?
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    It did not help here, I cant even get the correct speed.. I miss by a looong shot at 1000 yards.


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    thanks for the reply, but how do you get the line, as your pscope is bobbing up and down.

    so you don't bring the image right down over the top of the original one? I thought that's what I saw in the Attack video. So the bottom of the image you bring down should only touch the top of the originals masts, not come all the way down.

    just to get it right?
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    The important thing is that in order to calculate distance you first choose the ship class. The ship has a certain height - and it differs from the different ship classes. You have to put other one on top. That is because it is a way to calculate the mast height of the ship from a distance.

    Look again in the video - checked. he puts it on top!

    I saw that he didn't put the horizontal line exactly at waterline. Put you have to put it on top so it touches the mast of the ship. -sorry about that - my mistake

    When this is entered the system will come up with a distance based on the ship in periscope view and the height of the mast of that particular ship class.

    Sorry bad explaing. I'm norwegian -see :-)
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    Originally posted by silent_killer_8:
    It did not help here, I cant even get the correct speed.. I miss by a looong shot at 1000 yards.
    The speed is another issue.
    There is a small bug in the game so when starting chronometer it doesn't calculate speed - so you have to make a wild guess.

    If you are quite new to the game I suggest changing the realism settings. Make sure the "manual targeting setinngs" are not on!
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    Thanks for you help, I gave it another go with the sub school deck gun ship as it is not moving. It worked, but the hard part will be the speed.

    I will keep using sub school to get it right, just now im my career mode I will still use the Lock button targeting.

    Again, thanks for your help.

    ps . I would have been 100% when I had a go at manual targeting using the ship in gun school, I put the outside camera on to see the damage.

    How come that type ship sink with 1 torp in sub school near 100% with only the camera option on.

    yet in career it will take at least3 if not 4 to make sure. Are the stats different for ships in sub school?
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    I havent tried the school, but maybe it is because it should be easy for newbies?

    It depends on how lucky you are (or good) hitting the ship the right place.

    Sometimes a ship can blow up with only one torpedo - if you hit it perfect.

    I hope they will fix the speed thing. In silent hunter III it worked. Probably a patch will fix it! The chronometer shpuld according to the manual work as a speed calculator
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    Yeah. I figured there was a problem there, ive been wining ever since... Can`t help it..

    Even the school is hard as it is now. I tried Battle of midway and just fired a huge spread with all tubes, sunk a carrier of which I wasnt even aiming at :P And best thing is I hit it with all torps I fired within the first 2 mins of the game :P

    I just hope the Chronometer bug is fixed relatively quick. Got so much cool ideas to test out.

    Pick up a good method of calculating AOB. After that maybe figure out some good spread shooting techniques, then all the other methods like calculating a convoys heading and speed, then make an intercept course of exactly 90 degrees starboard of the convoy.

    Feels like I am waiting for the game, when I in reality already have it :P

    S! to all

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