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    hi all, since i was bored today (bank holiday) i went up to manston airport, as i only live a couple of miles away, to see the spit and hurricane, and i thought some of you might be interested.

    first some pics of spitfire (LF) XVI TB752

    250kg and 500kg bombs

    browning 303 and 50 cal

    RR Merlin 35 V engine, 12 cylinders, 1280hp

    50 cal and hispano

    gun camera

    Hawker Hurricane MkIIc

    222 squadron honours

    hope u like the pics, got more and all at better resolution
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    Good shots,

    Could you send the high res to my mail @ davidmnuk@yahoo.co.uk
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    got to go out now, will do this evening
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    Nice pics! Thanks for sharing-

    [-- questions deleted re: camera, it's just sitting on the wing but would usually be inside it ]
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    hmm mmaybey we could have a camera on our spits and hurricanes!!!
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    what a pitty we have no bombs for our Spitfire LF.Mk.Vs in the game
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    Thanks for taking time to share
    good pics !
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    Those springs on the cannons,what are they for?Recoil dampers?
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    Superb photos, Fruitbat, you know how to use your camera, especially with that strong backlight coming in from outside the hangar! Lucky you to have these aircraft so close.
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