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    They have all been transferred to the Tutorials section at FlightSimGuides.

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    FlightSim Guides website has had a revamp and many links have changed due to the shake-up which im sure many will agree is a better system.

    The correct Link for the site is :


    A big thank you goes out to Jarink and others that contribute to Flight Sim Guides, without them the site wouldnt exist.
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    Hi jarink I tried your gimp link and it gives error that i put in wrong url or something to that effect. Is there another way to get to you tutorial. Also is there a remove white plugin i would need?
    Thanks for great info on the forum
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    Which link? As Deano (flying-legends) stated, the site has gone a reorg, so a lot of the old links won't work. The best way is just to go to the main page and navigate from there.

    There is no "remove white" plugin needed. GIMP has a "Color to Alpha" tool that allows the removal of any color, not just white.
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    Originally posted by jarink:
    This is intended to be the first of a series of turorials on how to create skins/templates with the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) For those not in the know, GIMP is a free program similar in function to Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. There are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac/Unix.

    GIMPing a Skin

    I also recently made a short (although not very in-depth) tutorial for ceating nose art from period photos using GIMP.

    From Photo to Nose Art

    Comments, suggestions, requests, and corrections all welcome!

    Both of those links are No Good anymore...
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    Everything I've published is at FlightSimGuides now.
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    Still a dead link for those tutorials.

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    I use XP-Pen Star 06 Art Tablet from 2017 or so at work. Both work nicely with GIMP on both Linux and Windows. Gimp is free and I don't need anything better.

    GIMP is customizable; recently I have been re-mapping shortcut keys to fit my work flow with animations. I use the L key to turn layers on or off, K to go up one layer and select it, and J to go down one layer and select it. In this way my right hand is free on the tablet to draw or stamp pictoral elements on selected layers, and I avoid "onion skinning".

    I am going to re-map all shortcuts, but the important ones are set like layer and brush opacity, merge down, stroke selection etc.
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