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    hello everyone!

    jsut purchased my g940 after 2 or so years playing with a keybord! i was hoping all the way from the store to my house XD

    i have a quesiton tough

    anyone in here who has one could explain me where can i set up forcefeedback settings... it his feeling horrible by default, having the stick moving only in 3 different intervals ( like 0.. it gives a crank 50 it gives a crank, 100)

    any ideias?

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    I have no idea what you're describing.

    Be sure you've enabled force feedback under input. Otherwise the stick will just be very rigid and difficult to control.

    After FF is enabled, you can modify the forces strength in the logitech utility.
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    Have you updated the drivers and firmware for the G940? If not then go to the logitech support site and download and install the 5.10 software, in the folder it creates in C:Program Files\Logitech\Gaming software\FW is the firmware updater for the G940.

    Personally I find the spring strength in game to be to strong for comfort so I reduced the overall effects strentgh to 65% in my profile. Hope this helps, the G940 works ok in IL2 once the new firmware is installed.
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    YEs, firmware solves the problem to an extent, thanks. still getting used to it: its a mix of likes and dislikes: the joysticke is very precise, the throtle not at all. cheers
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    Make sure you check out Il2 Multi-Throttle by MikkOwl, it adds the ability to control multiple throttles and a slew of other stuff. While it works with any controller it was designed around the G940 and has several great features including the ability to control the lights on the throttle buttons and a fix for the "reversal bug".
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