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    I thought some of you (especially Meteor fans) would love this. It's an RAF vid from 1951 with whole squadrons of Meteors on scramble alert, the first film of RAF B-29s I've seen, nat metal C-47s (Painters will like this), Swift prototypes, Hunters, Canberas, a Shackleton, and many others. Even a York take off. I dnloaded it to. A great reference for early post war jets in RAF service. Even shows an early Valiant.

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    On the same site is this video of the wonderful Mars water bombers based at Sproat Lake here on Vancouver Island
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    Brings back some great memories for me C. Thanks.
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    I also recently posted/uploaded a short (poor quality) flick about USAF evaluation of a Mig-15 and a short clip of postwar Soviet evaluation of the Me-262 (sadly without sound).

    We flew the Mig

    Soviet evaluation of Me-262
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    Great clip, thanks!!!!
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    Yeah, I liked the soviet 262. Shows that I'm not too far off in having the VVS using a few Arados in my Redstar/Whitestar 1947 project (and you should see the skin beebop did for me).

    The mars vid is great to. Some rare stuff on there.
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    Oh wow, I overlooked the ohter two films, the "wings for defense" about the auxilery AF, with earlier model meteors and vampires. Don't miss this royal coronation review either, it's got Sabres as well, and the above planes in huge numbers on the ground and air. Some amazing footage.


    I loved the Mig test video. I read Yeager's account of testing it, and it was great seeing him and Gen. Boyd. Thanks for posting that. The machine is in the USAF museum in Dayton now.
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    And don't overlook the Berlin airlift and fighter tactics v B29 vids. The RAF role in Berlin has priceless shots like sunderlands landing in a Lake in Berlin. The B-29 does an obvious standin for the TU-4, after 10 min of class instruction that may be useful in the sim. Some amazing stuff. Film Ive not seen before.

    These things make me hope that Luthier's Korea sim will be expanded later to include some other planes from the 50s that came a bit later.
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    Thanks for posting, Enforcer. Brought back wonderful memories of flying in England in the fifties. And the B36...well, even after all these years I'll never forget making a head on attack on one of those beasts. My eyeballs are still jammed in the wide-open mode.
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