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    I've done search and can't find a definitive guide...I'm looking to try and "fly" the plane with as many real life inputs as possible.

    Just wondering if there's a good simple "how to guide" on when to use which mixture, at what alt to use what prop setting etc.

    Many thanks,
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    Try this: Complex Engine Management IL2 Forgotten Battles (Written by Jeff "Vulgar" Gerhardt, at the airwarfare site)<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

    (Multicontrollered pIL2ots in need of tuning sensitivity settings:IL2-Sticks
    might come in handy, IL2 Joy Control (By Oleg_BS) can even be more usefull!)
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    Many thanks
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    YOU should check out the Zeno's warbird videos, a guy I fly with online does. Take notes of the manifold pressures and RPM's that the pilots are taught to fly with, then use throttle to control manifold pressure, and prop pitch to control RPM's.

    I'd link you, but I gotta go...
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    Hi giddygoat1972,

    Link to Zeno's:


    The Films are both interesting and informative.

    A book of engine settings is a great help, and researching such a book is a great aid to appreciating the complexities of the sim. I'd recommend that you compile one if you've the time. <div class="ev_tpc_signature">


    Keep the Faith.
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