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    Yep i said it i love my k-4, speed, climb rate, firepower, had a blast taking out p-38s and mustangs on warclouds(they took me out as well) flys great in 4.0, no problems with elevators(not as bad as 3.04) and the speed is back. Just my 2 cents see ya
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    Yes it's much nicer with not-so-handicapped elevators

    I suggest to try G6/as with MG151/20, i prefer it over K-4 nowdays
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    wow, I hadn't much time with it, but k4's elevators seemt to be way lighter on my first run. Nice to know there was a small fix on this matter! Might sound weird but all other craft seem elevator heavy too on high speed now (but not as much), and aileron too.
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    ROFL, that's a great sig you have Vipez-

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    Oh my ! Now we've got sigs spoofing other sigs, LOL ! (I really don't know what to make of all this..)
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    That beak is overmodelled.
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