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    I have between 5 to 6 Zero's down each mission flying the Wildcat in CFS2 and I know I'm not that good. Bubble should be huge in cfs2. The only reason I still play now CFS2 is its mission builder otherwise I will sell my cfs2 disks.Besides , FM is really annoying.
    Zayets out

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    There ARE "puffs", when you hit the aircrafts, and after that you see little debris falling off.
    Besides that, the different smoke comes from the different hit-locations, even within the engine-area, that also have a different effect on the engine. White smoke comes from the coolant-system, grey from the exhaust, black from burning or smoking oil.
    So, I think damage modell is FAR superior to ANY other flight-sim, so far.

    Interesting. How many GunCam-Videos from WW2 did you watch where the aircraft explodes!? Looking at your arguments, you sound like you have them all or even where there?

    I remember a guncam-strip from a Hurricane, shooting at a He111. The later ends up in a big ball of fire. There
    is absolutely nothing left, that reminds you to anything close to an aircraft....

    So,I wonder, where you take that experience from???

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    Panzzzz wrote:
    - What I don't like about FB is that it's too hard to
    - bring down a plane without causing structural
    - failure. Wings and tails ripping off in combat were
    - not nearly as common as it happens in FB, and AI
    - pilots stay with a doomed A/C for way too long. In
    - reality, if your A/C was on fire, it was time to
    - make an exit, immediately. Some multi-engine planes
    - will fly around for 20 minutes trailing flame.

    I think you should clearly make differences between AI-bogeys and online playing. In Online-Dogfights, you get a LOT of kills by rendering the controlls unusable or simply killing the pilot. You can do it to AI-pilots, too, but I think it's a lot harder.
    The problem is more, that you cannot see, wether the pilot is dead or just trying to fly straight and try to run, so you fire as long as it takes to SEE a result, which is ripping the aircraft apart.
    Besides that, since we are all sitting behind a computer, there's no need to jump out of a plane, if the combat seems lost. [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]

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    There ARE some occasions, where you blow up a complete aircrafts and the debris get blasted through the air, yes, that's right.

    BUT - you'd surely not survive it, flying directly behind, because the blast as well as the debris are counted as colision objects and the hurt very much!

    Apart from that, there are also many occasions, and I think this is a lot more common, where you just keep firing at an aircraft and take it apart piece by piece.

    Had this once with an TB3. Shot from it's low 6 from the left wingtip to the right, with a P47. There were many explosions, like when the left gear was ripped off, a ball of fire, when the 3rd engine fell off the wing, and a cloud of debris, as the left aileron said bye-bye to the TB3.

    So, there is a lot of detail and a lot of different effects, but of course you won't see this, shooting at an I16 or something like that.

    Compared to that, I was rather bewildered by the CFS2-GunCam-Vid, when the target was split in half by a 25m diameter sprite of fire and 2 pieces of debries fell off, but the plane kept on flying.
    And the puffs from the hits were a bit too big and dark in my oponion. (besides the fact, that they surely wouldn't stay a round cloud...) =)

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    Are these the kind of smoke puffs you are referring to?

    I see these all the time, and I also see little flashes or sparkles when the bullets hit the planes I'm shooting, though not on every shot.

    Do these effects disappear on lower graphics settings? I use Excellent always.

    When I play online, the smoke puffs shown above are my only clue as to whether or not I hit my target in a high deflection shot. Those puffs will be streaming behind his plane if I did connect.

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    @ adlabs6

    good picture.

    There are also pictures of these little yellowish flashes, that appear when you hit the aircraft and stuff like that.

    I noticed, that this is really a big difference what aircraft you're using (the armament) and at what type of aircraft you're firing.

    You can rip bombers apart piece by piece very good, but sometimes this works on fighters, too. I have a GunCam-Video of an online-dogfight, where I shot at an La5FN with my La5FN. There are 4 explosions. The first one in the rear fuselage, the second in the tail sections, where a lot of debris falls off, together with the stb stabilizer, another big darker puff with a direct hit to the engine and the third in the prt wing, which just flaps over 3 seconds later, when I allready stopped firing.

    IMHO, the IL2-GunCamVids of IL2 are not the very best...

    Perhaps it really depends on graphics settings??? (Playing with EXCELENT settings, too)

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