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    U-99, Kaluen HueyDog. 100%realism(except the name).
    I sailed on my first mission under my new guise after my untimely death on Saturday, from Brest and headed up to my assigned grid location at AM32, (north west scottish coast).
    On the way I met a C2, wasted 2 fish on him but scored. Later off the Irish coast, I stumbled over a C3, finished him off with the deck gun.
    I was heading to my assigned, when a radio signal came in telling me of a large, slow moving convoy in AM2. Mine, all mine!
    Off I set, we were 3 fish down, but no probs and we had heaps of ammo for the deck gun. I arrived early and went to periscope depth in case the destroyer escorts were way ahead. Lucky, only 1 V & W escort. He was busy pinging but heading straight at me. I couldn't help it, a spread of two, missing with the first but he saw it and turned sharply - straight into the second. Down he went, coast now clear. Only 7 fish remaining damn it. Then disaster, a storm, this one so bad it was impossible to target properly. My first real convoy and the weather gods were laughing at me. I took sight at a large tanker, Fire three. Then a tank transport, fire four. Then I had to turn 180 for a stern shot, a troop transport, took sight, fire tube five.
    Periscope depth again, skirting around the back of the convoy, making time for a reload (my last 3, stern. 1 bow). I set myself a course firstly behind in line between two rows, then a run straight up between them at ahead flank to put myself in front of the stragglers. By this time tube five was back in business. Torpedo impact! The tanker gone, Torpedo impact! The tank transport, Torpedo missed! damn, the troops live again. I sighted a C2 cargo, fire tube 5, then under again. Torpedo missed! Poop, manual targeting is very hard in this weather, stop excuses, try again - lucky last. This time we'll try a surface shot, Up we came, crew at surface attack stations. Damn! that was close, we have surfaced along side a C3 directly behind the troop transport, but with another tanker behind us, who kindly offers us his broadside. A gift not to be sneered at, sight, fire tube five and off went my last one. Oops, he has corrected his course, at a range of 500m, Torpedo missed!.
    I sent off the last bow fish at the Troop transport, but the fish was a dud.
    The worst thing was the storm was stopping me using the deck gun, and I could get the last external stern fish. I got no contacts at all on the way back.
    78,000 grt in total, Not too bad, but I keep thinking what could have been if only I was not on 100%, but then I'd only be cheating myself, wouldn't I?
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    Bro, 78k? On 100% realism?

    You did GOOD.

    I'm waiting out the end of my first career (May of 44 right now) before jacking the realism up to 100%. I'll keep everyone posted, but I anticipate it to be TOUGH.
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    That is a real respectable run on 100%
    Take into the weather,and first run with a rookie crew.I'd say you had a great run~!
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