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    I brought all the books from Constantinople, polo books quests , finished entire story mode and the books from cappadocia by saving up around 500,000 credits to purchase all those. If this helps all got the hidden pages and have all trophies expect the sage...what gives when is Ubisoft going to fix this?
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    Did a cutscene play in the hideout?
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    what cutscene? i saw no cutscene
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    Originally posted by xXFinal_JewelXx:
    what cutscene? i saw no cutscene
    Go to the Assassin hideout and Sofia will be in your crib saying your books are awesome etc etc *BLING!* trophy or *BLIP!* Achievement
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    nope saw no cutscene like that but saw the books on the bookcase, ill check it out ..but i doubt its anything like that since alot of other people have the same problem..and also it unlocks as soon as your purchase the last book.
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