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    A few months back I read the announcement that VAC had been released but didn't pay it much mind since I was using Game Commander 3 with reasonable results. A bit later Bearcat posted an extremely enthusiastic evaluation of VAC and I mentally compared what he was experiencing vs. my results with GC3. I started thinking that maybe there was something to this VAC product. Well, after I upgraded to a new rig in May, GC3 started committing random CTDs and when I went looking for support guess what? There wasn't any! I took the plunge and tried VAC. Initially I couldn't get Dastardley's PF profile to load so I spent several evenings emailing results back and forth with Shift_E. He went way above the call of duty to help me out and I finally determined that the profile download was corrupted. A new download and I was in business.

    Over one month later and, I have to say, IL2 has never been more immersive. I no longer am repeating commands over and over or having the wrong action executed. I have sat in the middle of a box of B17s with the speakers turned up to deafening and...It works flawlessly! Thanks Shift_E for such a great product and superb support and thanks Bearcat for the sales pitch that pushed me over the edge!
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    I love it when a plan comes together.....
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