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    Actually on Chessmaster 11 there's a limited function in the "SET UP POSITION". I use it to study variations in games but there's a problem: if I start a line, let's say 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 and then I want to immediately start another line for the White (for example 1.Nf3, or 2.d4) I can't move the white pieces! In order to do that I need to move another black piece (example 2.Nc6), and only after this I can go back and start another line with the white. The same thing happens for the black pieces: I can't build any new line without moving first any white piece. This was something that doesn't happen with Chessmaster X and I'm very upset. This is a great problem for me, because I used with a great pleasure this funcion on the version 10 of Chessmaster.
    Furthermore I often encounter problems with the MENTOR LINES: in the SET UP POSITION mode when I recall this function the lines appear when they want (if they want), without any apparent reason.

    Any hint?

    Thank you
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    with mentor lines I (and everone) have the same problem.

    for the other one, this is not a "proper" suggestion, I know, but try using other programs and engines for analysis, like fritz or arena(free), and once you get out of the CM analysis "features" and into those, you will not be able to understand how you could possibly analyse variations with cm. that was what happened to me.
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    Thank you, diskamyl! Anyway I am surprised about the fact that such a good program as Chessmaster is so difficult to use for studying variations!
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