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    I am Looking for text and font for the usn and corps text and font, download would be good, or a name of text....thanks
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    Have you tried here?:


    They have several excellent military stencil fonts you might find useful.
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    thank you very much....

    but which would be a likely match for USN/USMC
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    Here are some of the free military fonts:

    The name of the font follows the large type. IMO the Serial Stentil should do fine for most aircraft. As for lettering, only the "Stencil" font looks wrong. 'Too fat' if you know what I mean.

    You might want to compare these fonts against actual pictures of the plane(s) you want to skin.

    Hope this helps.
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    Try the site of the makers of Amarillo (The pro version also is worth it's money due to extra version of several letters and numbers):


    I have ordered the set and am really happy with it.
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    yeah i would bet....but at $30 i think my wife would s**t then stab me in the eye with my check card.....

    there goes my beer money out of my next check..
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    There's a good free version of the Amarillo font here that I use:

    Da Font
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    Good link. One of the most usable stencil font collections I've seen

    I know the normal version is complete as well, but I wanted to make people aware that the makers also have a pro version with good extra's and that the also made other US military fonts. Only thing is that they are not free.
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    thank you serval. and thank you jarink. your wisdom is a boon...
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    Now I know this going to be stupid, that being said here it goes.... Where do I put the fonts at? I ca't seem to locate a font folder anywhere on my PC. PSP8....WindowsXP home.
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