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    just one off topic question:
    why exactly do you need money to get a plane ingame ?

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    Gibbage1 wrote:
    - I agree. Saying "X aircraft does NOT belong because
    - it did not fight on the German/Russian front" is
    - stupid, blind, and assinine! Do you really want to
    - LIMIT the possibilities of a flight sim? No. If we
    - get aircraft like the F4F and Zero, you can do
    - Pacific. Flyable IAR-80's and P-38's = Med. Spits
    - = BOB. We need so few aircraft to make this a
    - GLOBAL flight sim, why deny it? The main backers of
    - the "Keep it German/Russian" theries are German
    - fanboy Luftwhiners who do not want anything threaten
    - there rain of superiority, though they dont really
    - have it. They DONT want US or Jap aircraft in at
    - all because they know it will make for a difficult
    - fight. I say, the more the better!!!! Bring it on!
    - IL2 was German/Soviet war, FB is EVERYONE!

    i think IL2 pretty much acheived alot of Olegs goals for a eastern front simulation (AFAIK) and FB continues that legacy and improves on it - but why should it be limited to just the eastern front?

    it's like the world's greatest chef baking a banana cake that's so tasty it sparks a revolution in the culinary world.
    everyone agrees it's so incredibly tasty, unbelievably tasty even - but that it would be ABSOLUTELY DIVINE if he were to bake a chocolate or strawberry flavour.
    the chef considers doing it - but those whose favourite is banana start a petition to the chef demanding that he only ever make it in banana flavour - for what reason - just so those who like chocolate cannot enjoy themselves ??

    The banana flavoured cake is there, it's damn tasty and it will ALWAYS be there - and it will always be improved on too
    but i can't wait for a chocolate flavoured one personally mmmmmmmmmm...... [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]

    the chef and his team stand to make alot from producing these different flavours too. [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif[/img] anyone can understand that.

    o errr sorry went off on one then [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]

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    i asked a reasonable question , didnt i ?
    your comparison is absolute rubbish but what gives..

    i asked why i should donate to a dodgy paypal account to get a certain plane ingame.

    there is either one or the other. you either pay for an addon (which is ok by me) or you get it for free due to the dedicated fanwork (which you see in the form of mods and probably take for granted). but you dont go donating money to someone of whom you neither know whether he is related to the development staff and acctually has the capabilities to bring additional planes ingame, nor know whether he is a he at all and for all you know could be a she.
    get my point ?

    end rant


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    mate i sure hope you find a job one day that pays you what you are worth.

    i just think it is a not a good way to accept money and get hopes up whether you can deliver in the end or not.as i understand it you still depend on maddox to get your models ingame. but to deal with disappointed donors is up to you and not really my business i guess. you might want to consider linking your website together with the donation button so people like me dont think badthings of you
    the main problem i had was that i only saw a link to paypal(which didnt load propperly btw) and no reference to a website.
    i checked out your site to which a link was posted in another thread i came across and the models are great. however i believe that the reference material we use is the same as yours. the FH modelers dont model by just some jpegs they find on the net. they do their research just like you do and infact i dont think they work less accurately than you.

    i didnt know you where part of FH but then again i joined one-two month into the project. our loss was IL2s gain i guess
    keep up the good work and *hint*hint* FH entered beta stage , we will release soon

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