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    Dear Mark
    Thank you for your E.Mail and enquiry. Please find below details of options, prices and availability for having a taxi ride experience.
    All enquiries and bookings are taken by Robert or Judy Gibson-Bevan on 01673 858387. They are available to take calls between 9am-9pm Monday to Sunday. If there is no reply please leave your name, address and telephone number and your call will be answered as soon as possible. (Should you wish to make a firm booking, and there is no reply, please state on your message this is so and Robert or Judy will get back to you as soon possible.)
    Lancaster Taxi ride options.

    We offer two choices for a taxi ride experience.
    First of all there is taxi ride during a taxi run display. This experience lasts about 1/2 an hour, and afterwards you receive a signed certificate by the pilot as a keepsake.
    The cost for this is â£150 per person (This does include the admission price.)
    The availability for having a taxi ride is:
    Sat July 30th
    Sat Aug 27th
    Mon Aug 29th
    Sat Sept 17th
    Sat Sept 24th
    Sat Oct 8th
    Sat Nov 19th
    Please note that some of the 2005 dates are already becoming booked up, so early booking is essential.
    We also offer special VIP days that include Coffee, Lunch and Tea. During lunch you can sit and talk to the pilot, engineer and other ground staff.
    There is a guided tour of the Lancaster, and after the taxi ride has finished you can sit at the front and, under the pilots supervision get a feel of one or two of the controls.The cost for our VIP day si â£199 per person.
    By arrangement you can also arrange to have a couple of guests along as well for the meal and the Lancaster tour, if you so wish, at a cost of â£25 each. ( This is a special concession unique to the VIP day. )

    We also offer Gift Vouchers to give as Birthday or Christmas presents.
    Once again for all enquiries or bookings please ring Robert or Judy Gibson-Bevan on 01673 858387.
    S.Panton at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.
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    I've never liked taxis, what with the queues, the cost and the small-talk (if you're lucky). But if someone is prepared to drop ( ) me home in a Lancaster, that's different. If they really are just going to taxi though they'll never get it turned at the end of the road...
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    I'm doing this on the 23rd...can't wait
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