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    Just curious...

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    I would seriously doubt it. The end of next year, maybe...
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    Two weeks, be sure
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    If not by christmas then...hmmm...mid late next year, remember...there isnt a massive amount of aircraft in this baby...just my tupence ha'penny worth
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    I'd make my guess at around 2nd or 3rd quarter 2006, IF the dev team are allowed to dump focus on PF (like they should coz times move on) and concentrate on BoB exclusively.
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    No...no...no...not until these girlies are in the game...BABY YEAH!...its only right

    New planes (or cockpits to make flyable)

    Ki-100-I Ko (flyable. ready)

    G4M1 (flyable. ready)

    MC-200 (waiting from third party to put in engine and program)

    MC-202 (almost done in 3D engine)

    MC-205 (waiting...)

    Re-2000 (waiting...)

    Re-2001 (waiting...)

    Cr-32 (possibly AI)

    Mosquito B.Mk.IV (currently AI)

    Mosquito FB.Mk.VI (flyable)

    Do-335 (working with the own external model)

    Fokker D-XXI (AI)

    Tempest Mk.V (AI, waiting for a cockpit)

    Spitfire Mk.XIV (waiting for a cockpit)

    Avia B-534 (AI)

    CW-21 (need to be finsihed).

    Fiat G-55 (waiting for a cockpit input)

    J2M3 (ready cockpit)

    B6N2 (ready external model in 3D engine, third party working over cockpits)

    Pe-2 (currently on a CD only for Russian market. I'm sorry for this)

    Ju-88A-4 (cockpit and the plane. Sorry need more rework. We started it finally ourselves)
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    I suspect BoB will be maybe 3rd Quarter 2006. By then the hardware necessary to take sims to the next level that Oleg wants to take them to...will be available in force.

    I don't mean the ever perpetual increase in performance but new architecture changes like dual core processors, DDR2 or DDR3 or XRD2, and budget or mainstream video cards with the power of the current X800 series or GeForce 6800 series. That will mean something significant.

    As Oleg said, we'd probably have to upgrade. I'm certain many of us will.
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    ooops, I thought I'd keep my rig untill I'm maybe 20....(16 now)
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    not until they will reach an hight level of sound realism
    ( need real engines sound )
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    My guess and thats all it is would be late 06 early 07. I dont think they want to make the sim too processor intensive.... and I think they can kind of stretch this puppy out a bit. I think the more people they get into this series the bigger base they will have for BoB.... and all the naysayers notwithstanding.. I dont think too many of us will not have BoB on our HDs within 7 days of it's release wherever we live.
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