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    Hi all,

    Thanks to a report by one IL2-MAT Manager user that mentioned that the "D1" Luftwaffe coding (formally the "ZZ" coding) that appears when "none" is selected as the unit was misplaced on Bf-109e/4 aircraft and some other aircraft that share this aircraft grouping such as the Stukas. I produced a tiny patch which sorts this out. Run the self extracting .exe and it will install a single mat file to the correct location to sort the problem.

    1. Run the patch installer.
    2. Run IL2-MAT Manager
    3. Select the small Luftwaffe bomber unit code option. (if already selected goto step 6).
    4. Exit IL2-MAT Manager
    5. Run IL2-MAT Manager
    6. Select the large Luftwaffe bomber unit code option.
    7. Exit IL2-MAT Manager.

    This will force the required file copy operation.

    Download link

    Best Regards

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    Thanks for the update Aces

    Recently I spend more time flying German aircrafts in game, so this is a good news indeed

    Downloading now.
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