Hi all,

I saw that Assassin's Creed is on sale today, and I've thought about getting it for awhile. However, I haven't in the past because of the Assassin's Creed 2 DRM situation. I considered AC1, but didn't want to find it to be super-awesome and not be able to play AC2 because of its DRM. However, I now have enough games lined up to play that even if AC1 is awesome, it won't be such a bummer if I have to skip AC2. As my username implies, I like to game offline, so the original AC2 DRM was a show-stopper.


1. AC1 still lets you play offline with no hassles, right?

2. Has AC2 dropped its overbearing DRM? Especially the Steam version, but knowledge of any DRM-free version would be good.

3. Do the later AC versions have AC1 DRM or AC2 DRM?

Looks like a great game, would've bought it years ago if it weren't for the DRM situation.