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    ok, for all those who dont know what im talking about, you know, the "10 percent of the game takes place in the future" stuff, leave now.

    spoilers part......

    how do you think that this person was from some insane asylum??? where is your train of thought to even link any of that. I read in PSM (Inedpendant Playstation Magazine) that it has 10 percent in the future, but what leads you to it being a crazy guy?????

    give me some sort of evidence, a link or something.
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    hey idk if you can take this as concrete evidence, but heres an exact quote between the discussion of the developers of the game, and OPS2M of the UK:

    "We asked the develoment team about the true nature of the Assasin's Creed franchise. Particularly the rumours of time travel. Early, rarely seen video trailers apparently showed another, more modern, time period and the E3 demo also revealed a man in a futuristic setting having a head set removed when it was 'game over'. Ubisoft have stated catergorically that 'There is no time travel in the conventional sense of the word'. Instead they mentioned the idea of 'genetic memory' hinting that Altair could be in fact a telepathic time traveller with subsequent games taking place in different time periods. Our vote? Let's go for Hitler next."

    Hope that might clear things up!
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    ok, so reading that, i see that the "man with a 'headset'" did not "travel" through time. rather, this machine could have made him have thoughts of all this action.

    which leads me to believe that, with only that paragraph in mind, this man is NOT from an insane asylum. rather, he is at some lab where they are testing some sort of thought mutation. i dont know...

    is there any other information out there that tells me there IS some sort of future thing? and also ponder this one

    they could still change that, i mean, it was just a demo, and it could have thrown you off. besides which, Sony has announced we will get our old controler back, just without dual shock. in its place is that tilt sensor. so, taking the same switch-a-roo idea to the game?.....

    AND! should you take the paragraph this way, it kind of seems like a sort of matrix seting... again, i do not know. but

    I NEED MORE INFO!!!!!!!!!!!! give me LINKS!!
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    and I forgot to add. reading it again, you could also have a thought that this was just a metaphor that the game is so realistic, its like your actually there and when/if you should die, your coming back to reality (as in "turn off the ps3" reality). and again give me links and any info. or this rare video, if its available on the internet.
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    hehe, cant you just let it be a mystery?

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    yeah, thats what im trying to to. im trying to discredit anyone who said that it is .... what ever. so, yeah. im just trying to make people to understand that before the "rumor" goes to far, its not true.
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    what trailer did you see this in?
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    I actually have one of the earlier videos, when it was Project Assassin or whatever. It starts off with some medieval guy shouting while a video of what looks like a modern hospital fades in and out. I don't remember the site where I got it, but you can just PM me with your e-mail. Only 3.5 MB.
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    THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    to all of you "believers" out there, i have found my final peice of evidence. you saw a trailer under the origional concept Project Assassin's. see, the game went through a major overhaul to what it is now.

    looking at everything, I think its a safe bet to say they wont be doing the whole "insane" idea. Plus, i would imagine they would pitch the idea to some teenagers of the entire plot. most likely, they would say that because its not purely the historical game they thought, it would kind of ruin it. and with the game name as well.

    so, unless there is going to be some solid evidence of it that is under the actual name "Assassin's Creed", then there should be no stupid rumors.

    can anyone disprove the above?
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    ohhhh "project (note: hinting to something modern time in the word Project) Assassin". well, that would explain a litte bit. but still standing with the above statment.
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