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    Hi everyone,
    I am pleased to let you all know that the first official release for Mission Mate +plus is now available here.

    This release includes seven new aircraft:
    Spitfire MkI
    Beaufighter MkX
    Hurricane MkIID
    Mosquito Mk B XVI
    Me 410 A,B & D Hornisse

    And 5 new maps:
    The Slot

    As always, I hope you enjoy it.

    Cheers, CrazySchmidt.
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    Nice one CrazySchmidt.
    And I've only just discovered vers 4 of your exellent program.
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    Here is a "c" for the spelling of excellent above.
    How do you edit?
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    Originally posted by Endy1:
    Here is a "c" for the spelling of excellent above.
    How do you edit?
    LOL, the edit icon is the middle icon on the bottom right hand corner of your reply screen, from there you can edit without reposting.

    Glad you are enjoying Mission Mate.

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    Before anyone asks.. this tool will work in the unmodded as well as modded version of the sim.. That is why a link to it is allowed here.

    If you do not have the modded version of the sim then those features simply will not work, but the stock 4.08/4.09 features will work fine.
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    Superb news CS

    Will try it later

    Best Regards,
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    Whoopeeee, thanks very much.

    I would be at a loss without this truly wonderful mission maker of yours :-)
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