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    Some people tend to think the next patch will be more impertant then oxygen

    So, what is 'special' about the forth comming patch? Will there be new Italian planes?

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    For italian planes you'll have to wait a little more for the update following the patch. Tomorrow's patch is only for finetuning of the FM, two "new" flyable planes and bug fixes.
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    S! On semi- serious note. Just mention the word
    patch. You will then see factions of Virtual pilots ready to declare WAR on each other.
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    S! By the way Prince Andrew Shuiksy. Did you bring your Doggy biscuits today? 1543 Hmmmm?
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    where are macchis????????
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    Jeez, don't people read these forums. All of the new aircraft will becoming in the add on
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    What add-on?
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    Originally posted by Cpt_Jack:
    What add-on?
    - next one.
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    The 4.02 will have a new pifferty 7, and a new map.

    But that doesn't matter. Bugfixes are where it's at. Yeah baby!
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    What's the add-on? Pay add-on like AEP, or freebie? What's in it? I would be happy to pay for an expansion.
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