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    I read a long time ago that you can add a value in the config file to add blood etc. to the game.
    I put in
    like I seem to remember being told but it didn't do anything.
    I want to see some dead gunners and stuff.
    Is this possible.
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    depends on aircraft type, what are you trying it with?
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    I believe it only works for about 3 aircraft, and the feature may have been disabled altogether in one of the patches.
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    Look at the configuration file marked 'conf' in the main game folder and change High Gore from '0' to '1' (I think).
    It can be found under the heading 'Game'.
    I don't know if it makes a difference at all though.
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    I think occasionally you will see dead crew members in the Heinkel 111,but I dont know about the others.
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    It really isn`t worth bothering with, I`m afraid.
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    Original IL2 feature, not available since forgotten battles stuff i'm afraid. originally it was only available with the F4 and the HE111 i think, (maybe a few more) and the legacy of that is the virtually unique feature of the crew of the HE111 slumping over when dead, (think i've seen it with with the PO-2/U2 rear gunner too)
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    Blood only showed in external views. It appeared in original "IL-2 Sturmovik" on the Bf-109F's cockpit glass and in the nose section of the He-111. In addition some crew members would slump over in the old He-111. Finally the gunners in the MBR floatplane would slump over in a gorey pool of blood ... but how many times do you encounter the floatplane in a mission? Those were the only planes I know where the feature ever even existed.

    Screenshots of IL-2 blood can be seen here.

    When FB was released the blood feature was absent with the 109F and He-111, most probably because the 3D models and pilot figures had been reworked.
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