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    Hey anyone know how to remap the xbox 360 controller buttons for acb.
    In game options are gryed out for xbox controller, need to change the free run button (A) so I can free run and use the right joystick at the same time.
    (really annoyed that you are unable to free run and look around at the same time)
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    looking for the same thing do you have solution?
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums
    Please check here-
    Where is the Game Manual?
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    Hi just letting you know I still havent found a way to remap the xbox controls for the pc.

    The manual is not really helpful (Black_Widow9) the link you sent only shows the keyboard keys not how to remap the xbox controller (unless I'm missing something)and in-game all the xbox controls are greyed out (as per original post).

    Still not quite sure how we are supposed to free run (A) and look (right thumb stick) to turn a corners while free running. --I know you can turn with the left thumb stick but if you can't use the right thumb stick to change the camera angle you pretty much end up running into walls (expecially true on multiplayer when you are trying to chase/escape). Not really the best running mechanic unless you have 2 right thumbs.
    All I want is to fina a way to swap (A) on xbox controller to left trigger or one of the bumpers.
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    AFAIK controls can't be remapped by design. I know when I tell it that my Dual Shock is an XBox Blob, I suddenly lose the ability to remap (except in the Dual Shock driver of course).

    On console you just have to release X/A when turning the camera, which does slow you down a fraction.
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    All of your options are grayed out when you try to change them? You have a standard XBOX controller? I'm running a MadCatz XBOX 360 Controller (wired) but I also run a 3rd party driver for it with my OS in test mode (if you google XBCD xbox driver you should get some results) which allows me to run the controller exactly like the console setup where the triggers act as buttons and I can remap things in the control panel as needed (had to remap the camera controls, etc upon initial game launch).
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    Sorry for the bump, but I have this problem as well. I want to switch the weapon wheel and the high profile defaults around but it wont let me change anything. How do I fix this?
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    Could not find away to remap without going through the XBCD xbox driver (which i was to lazy to bother doing). ended up buying a razor onza te which has extra buttons, you cant remap but it will allow you to assign any buttons to the two extra bumper buttons
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