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    Nice one Jahura!
    If Aries and Scorpios DO have to share Pluto, I wonder if this will lead to MORE conflicts between people born under those signs since they don't like to share...
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    On my Sept 99 mums list (all mums who gave birth to babies due Sept 99) they are discussing astrological signs = temperaments We have your "organizers" the Capricorns, and the Virgos, and the Cancers. Then the party folk such as myself (Gemini). For all the talk that astrology is hogwash, I think there is a lot of truth to it.
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    Daily check horoscope

    Hello friends...
    if you want about your coming day then check this site.
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    Hey guys!
    Why Scorpio and Aries are attracted to each other?
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    Are daily horoscopes accurate?
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    Hey friends!
    Is there a difference between September and October Libras?
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