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    hey there, i am here is want to ask you guys the opinion about the gift i prepare give to my friend.
    he is one of my best friend who i really care about, and i know that he is really interested into taking pics about plane as well as collect plane model. so that's why i think this set of Concord would be a choice for him as a gift. i found it from ebay shop. but i want to ask you guys opinion, what do you think about it?


    hope you can give me suggestions
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    I am not the average Joe on this one.

    The gift is a fine gesture and for that it would be appreciated. It would go in a drawer never to be seen again at my house because I don't pretend to like things that I don't like.

    Please note that my wife has given up on giving me any presents.

    Go figure!
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    Get him a copy of I-l2.
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    I vote no.

    Buy him a plane DVD or plane book. If you buy a DVD, then you can see it together.
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    Well it's obvious you've thought about it and it's the thought that counts. But getting him Il-2 would give you a common interest. Having said that, is he into Concorde or computer games? I would be delighted receive any Spitfire or (most unlikely) Whirlwind related present, but a colleague of mine gave me a snow-globe from Greece today - it doesn't mean any less to me because it's not aeroplane related - it does mean a lot knowing that she thought about me while she was a long way away. I'm sure whatever you get, he'll appreciate it.
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    Well this forum`s about planes of war. Most fellas like war planes as well as civvy. does he have any warplanes in his collection?

    Think of something warlike plane-wise and get similar.

    Any more than that I can`t say, I don`t normally think of presents I can get for blokes!
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    If my wife got me a "Concorde" gift I would try to be nice but ask her VERY politely why, when I am really into warbirds. Is he into warbirds or civilian aircraft? I do agree about buying him a copy of Il2 46. That way the two of you could share a common interest together...assuming that you don't have it already. But then again, I have two copies myself.
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    I think you should have sex with him instead.
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    Collectibles plates and such are a real niche market; even more so than flight simulation from my impression.

    Coffee table books with great pictures of a variety of aircraft may be more the ticket.

    Good luck
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