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    Using Fraps (got registered version) I did a little video of inside the game.

    It's just the first training mission so I did not fire any torpedo yet. But there is no visible bug and per request I can do a video of something you would like to see.

    This video is 15 min long and weights 98 Mb
    I played 1024 x 768 75 FPS and reduced it to half that
    size, 29 FPS max. Sound is what you hear inside of the game.

    It's the first training mission, doing a little crash dive with an emergency surface, and a tour of various stations inside the sub.

    No visible bugs anywhere yet either graphical or sound.

    Download it here :

    video here, wmv format

    Sound, Graphic and Gameplay settings are visible
    View of command room then upper room (with light flickgering visible !) then Bridge view.
    A little check of radio, gramophone, the crew roster,
    damage and torpedo screens (damage looks detailed, that's great !!)

    Could not get radar to work. Perhaps the Porpoise doesn't have any. Could not turn it on/off so I don't know how to use it

    Moving mouse to on/off and clicking did not do anything.

    On the outside camera views you will see the mouse circle the hydrophones. They're on the upper of the submarine. left side when viewing from the bridge. You see it turn around

    When submerged I asked for close contacts and the sonar man reported one to me so he doesn't look deaf.

    I was not using manual targeting on this video but if someone needs I can do another video with the manual targeting and UBT view (no crash to report here).

    If someone could help me with the radar. Can't get it to work
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    That's great! Thanks for going to the trouble and sharing it! For those of us yet to recieve our delivery, this will help, er, I think!
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