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    this don\'t make no sense!
    i'm replacing the engine in my honda with something a little 'hotter'. i didn't want too, but the old engine was just done for and an 'upgrade' was cheaper than replacement.

    i'm not a car nut. i've never done this sort of thing but i have to tell ya i'm having a lot of fun with this little motor. the thought of rebuilding the old motor is more than a little enticing.

    what do you enjoy besides il2?

    my project:
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    several of them actually..

    . building Gundam "perfect grade" 1/60th kits
    . collecting 1/18 scale aircraft
    . drawing/3d animation

    .kinda like you, buildin/rebuilding,but motorcycle for cheap stuntin' practice

    . "flatland" BMX trickery

    . and PC case building. (see "frag-box" thread)

    but the new baby, and wife prevents me little time to get to all or some of them lately.
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    got the complete set of construction and assembly blueprints for the Fieseler 156, now Im looking for a place to start making the jigs for building that puppy, I may end up making those puppies for a living.
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    I have no life outside work and this sim, so more power to you if you can squeeze it all in. I used to be a fanatical model builder of armor kits all in 1/35th scale, but alas i shake a bit and no more modelling. Would love to learn how to build new computer etc but afraid to try as parts cost so much, one mistake in model tank is go to parts box, but computer is way too expensive for discovery learning for me. havent messed with mechanics other than routine car owner stuff. but one must have a hobby etc.
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    I enjoy hunting and all things outdoors when I'm not meandering around the virtual skies.Just this past weekend I went hunting and bagged me a nice buck with my Mosin Gotta love them WW2 firearms.

    Good luck with that engine rebuild project Baldie
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    Next weekend I will be replacing the garbage Holley 4175 carb. currently mounted on this 34 year old girl...

    The new carb will be a 750 CFM Rochester which is what she carried off the assembly line in October of 1972 (which makes her a '73 model).

    Hopefully the new carb. will improve the 8 mpg the numbers matching 454 cubic inch big block...

    is currently getting. In the future is a new rear spring (gonna replace the worn out 7 leaf steel spring with a plastic one that was first used on the 1976 model) and a set of 8 slot aluminum wheels that also made their debut on the '76 model. They tried to get the aluminum wheels out for the '73 model but they had problems with porosity.

    I also plan to put a 6 speed manual transmission in place of the Muncie M21 4 speed close ratio transmission. This should also help improve gas mileage without sacrificing performance. I'll hold on to the Muncie just in case I ever want to return her to original specs.

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    I assembled this Nixie clock this summer... Going to build a custom clock soon.

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    Playing electric guitar and messing around with my bike I've modified cafe racer style
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    I know nothing about engines.

    How goes the sailing BJR?
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    I listen to 200+ years-old music. This is my last purchase:
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