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    The zawstika, an old American Indian symbol (was once the division insignia for the Oklahoma
    National Guard 45th Infantry Division)was painted on all the tails of German Aircraft in WWII. I note no such symbols on the German aircraft in IL2. Why is this??
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    I believe this was done so not offend anyone. Also the symbol is illegal in Deutschland (Germany). If you wish to have historical markings you can donload skins for your favorite plane at www.il2skins.com and other fan sites for IL2 FB+AEP

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    There are also some 3rd party programs that will enable this function in the game for you.

    Aces Artwork is one of them, and a recommended addition to the game.
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    There are also programs like IL2 Shturmovik Stab that enable it in the game.
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    The swatiska is forbidden in Germany.

    It is, however, not a native American symbol, but the celtic symbol for the sun. It was used together with runic symbols since 10.000 BC in Europe. Originally it had rounded bars, symbolizing the wheel of the sun rolling over the sky. Older findings confirm the symbol was used over 18.000years ago, by the Yungdrung Bon religion in Tibet.

    Hitler chose the symbol, because he was fascinated by 'occultic' objects and the Germanic and Celtic religions.
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    Maybe we could say that it is "not just" a native American symbol. It appears in the ancient symbologies of a lot of cultures, and not all of them appear to have had a lot of contact. It's easy to reproduce and recognize, so it may well have been independently arrived at by widely seperated communities.


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    Thank you for your replies. As a matter of further trivia, the swastika was also the Icon
    for a chain of motels in the USA in the late 1930's. At the outset of WWII, the icon was removed. The 45th Infantry Division changed their division shoulder insignia from the swastika, to a yellow thunderbird on a red cube background.
    The 45th served in Korea, and I ran in to them while at FT Hood, Texas before I left for Germany.
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    you see i told you
    never trust a hippie!!
    Adolph and his nazi freaks with all that layline BS - i tell you raiders was not so far off the mark!!!
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    IN Japan the swastika is used on a lot of maps and signs to mark a site of cultural or historical importance. I do no tknow the origin of this but, given the history here, its a little strange. Didn't see it in Tokyo but further out all the maps were decorated with hooked crosses.

    In Indonesia the symbol i sthe sign of 'ultimate power' and is often linked with Biddhist texts and symbologies. You see a lot of Indonesian wall hangings and posters with swastikas onthem.

    All in all, for something that we see as a horrible symbol of evil, its pretty common worldwide.
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    It's a Ubi thing, go to the silenthunter3 or what ever its called site and look at the screenies for that, the tirpitz or whatever it is on the screenshots has a big red and white circle on the bow where a swastika should be installed.... Play Call of Duty and on the ship map they actually show it...
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