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    I also

    One think you have to understand about this game is it's entirely free roam.

    We can assume (Or maybe even confirm) that all of the targets have everday schedules that they partake in, this could include things like going to the restroom etc. Who says you always have to kill your target outside? There are plenty of shadows inside after all.

    Another thing about social stealth, it's probably going to get harder and harder to blend in as you progress threw the game, perhaps there will be some sort of "Fame" to the point of where if you lay low for quite bit a of time in between assassinations you stand a better chance of not being recognized. I'm also curios to see how the crowds will react. (As much as I hate to cite crackdown..) Like in crackdown, when civilians start beating down on gang members.

    Could make your escape a lot easier with the aid of civilians after all. On a brighter note, one can only assume as well that it's not always day time. ...I'm just saying, people go outside when it's dark too, not to mention my prethoughts of inside assassinations >.>

    To answer your original question, I'd say it's a little bit of both, you can't entirely rule out either aspect of combat here. I think the game is massive and amazing enough to allow plenty of remember for many play styles.

    After all, I've seen some one "Rush MGS3" which was pretty amusing to watch.

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    I remember hearing jade say something about getting info on "the consiricy"(cant spell that) so your not gonna have a conversation infront of a crowd
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    I think you guys are still thinking of this game in the terms of the regular stealth action genre. This isn't like those games, though. This game will be based on crowd stealth, and killing your target publicly to make the point that they have crossed your organization and that they will pay for it. I'm basing this simply on opinion and the interviews I've read and videos I've watched.

    Why kill the guy in the bathroom when there will be speculation as to who did it? Do it publicly, so that people know who did it. That's what assassination is. I'm not sure about the textbook definition, but it's basically the killing of a target for political reasons. You don't necessarily have to be paid for it (though I'm sure that helps), you just have to dislike someone's policies. Or someone with enough money to buy your services has to dislike their policies. Doesn't matter. If you kill someone because you're mad at them for having sex with your sister, that's murder. If you kill someone because they want to put your town on the map by being the first to outlaw atheism, that's assassination.
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    Originally posted by ryukoken69:
    I know they will use social stealth, blending in the crowd and not make the crowd angry or mad
    Also I dout you'll have to kill the target as soon as you see them. from my understanding is that you can watch him and learn there day to day patterns to find an oppertune time to kill them. maybe a time when the gaurds are not around.... instead of a public torture like in the vid.
    like ken said we would all probable enjoy stalking our targets just waiting for the right momment to strike...well has anyone thought hat the right momment might b when your target is asleep... i know that the assassination is supposed to be public so why not after u kill him in his sleep hang him outta his bedroom window for everyone to see or just throw the fool out the window...

    but my question is,,,"is there night time gameplay???" cause i wanna stalk my targets through a dark alley as they walk home after a night out and attack when they least expect it...
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    Stalking your enemys woudl be very fun, ( especialy if its in a dark alley) but I will just have to wait for the game and hope.
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    its official guys there's no night and day cycles to speak of in this game so your target is probably going to stand at whatever place he's standing for a couple hours it'd be way cool to stalk him that was what i always thought i'd be doing just stalk him for an hour or something but if he's standing still there's no point
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