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    Hello, I am kinda new to IL2 Sturmovik. I've been playing it for several hours now, and i can get my plain airborn,do several maneuvers but I cannot get it landed. I landed it twice, but a million miles away from the airstrip. I don't want to rush into things, so I haven't been to battle tutorial yet, always practicing the landing part, and failing it. I've read several guides how to land, seen the tutorial like a kazillion times, tried to land it, but noooo way, I always crash when touching the ground, I also have a problem with flying right to the strip,i have to correct till the last moment, sometimes I fly too hard, sometimes I stall, every time sth goes horribly wrong.
    Can someone please say that this is normal and everyone went trough this stage, cause I get nervous trying to land. As I want to learn to walk before learning to run, I don't want to proceed with other tutorials, because when I will play a real game, i will have to land and screw up the game at last hand.


    ps. another thing, the intro, can it be skipped? because no matter which button I press, he always runs completely.
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    For the intro, open the configuration software for IL2, and uncheck the "play intro" at the bottom. Sorry if it is not the exact term, but i have the game in french.

    For landings, yes, it is difficult, and you will need lots of practice. There are no magic way of landing right every time. I played this game for years, and sometime i still manage to do a bad landing.

    So, practice, practice, practice, practice... This is the key...
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    There are good tutorials around but you say you've read several. If you understand the basics then it is truly a matter of practice.

    Some planes are tougher than others. Try a stable machine like a Hurricane. I like the F4F Wildcat as well.

    Most beginners try to overcompensate on the controls during the approach and close to touch down. Remember that at slow speeds, the control surfaces will tend to respond more slowly so the tendency is to then keep moving the stick the way you want the plane to go, until you've gone to far. Gradual movements are best. Keep your speed well above stall but not too fast. The Wilcat lands nicely between 80 and 100 kts.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    out of interest are you using a joystick? because without one it is VERY hard to land, another thing is start with a plane like the IL2 or the Hurricane if you have a version that has it, these are easier to land than some of them, use flaps and power get it in a good glide angle not to fast a descent then just before touch down reduce power and ease back on the stick to reduce speed and flare.. it will come, also you will find the landing rougher if not on the runway.. we all went through this but it will come and then you will be dropping it onto a postage stamp or even a carrier if you have PF, that was a new learning curve again for us all getting it to land on. stick with it

    As said turning off the film, if you do not know where it is go on windows

    Program files
    ubisoft folder
    last window
    when that opens click on network
    and untick the box at the bottom of the window then close.
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    yea I am using a joystick, and the only aircraft I've flown in, is an IL2 'cause I've only played tutorials. Yea I tried a single mission once, but since I couldn't find other planes to, eu, screw, I screwed mine by stalling and crashing, so it wasn't a succes at all, so I told myself to go to every tutorial there is, so I'd learn. I sure am going to practice some more hours, days, weeks, as much as needed, to get my plane down, and down it shall go, but in a good way now.
    By the way, the 'skipping the intro' part of my question, is solved, what a small, annoying, v-mark. lol. Mistery solved at last, now I can finally crash, eu, land faster.
    Thx a lot u guys


    ps. I just have the original cd, IL2 Sturmovik, Which path, or whatever extra download(s) should I get?
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    One of the best pieces of advice I heard was from this forum when someone said that when landing you control your altitude with the throttle and you control your speed by where your nose is pointing in relation to the horizon. Sounds a bit backward at first, but since you are using full flaps (or at least you should be) this means that most of the power from your engine goes into lift rather than speed, so by putting the throttle down you lose altitude much more than you do speed.

    If you are stalling and/or having your gear collapse underneath you, it sounds like that you put the throttle right down to lose speed but instead of slowing yourself down you are only losing altitude too fast so you slam into the ground. If you are doing what I also used to do then when you are losing altitude too fast you probably panic and try to point the nose upwards to gain altitude, which only makes the problem worse because you lose speed but not gain much height, which makes you even more likely to stall.

    Landing quickly becomes a doddle if you remember the weird reverse rule: Increase/decrease throttle to increase/decrease alitude, and increase/decrease nose position to decrease/increase speed. Just come in at a gentle angle, and slowly throttle back o touch down gently. I hope this helps.

    Happy landings!
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    Your difficulty landing is normal, it took me a couple of weeks to get a good landing when I first started.
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    When Landing it is important to remember that power = altitude and attitude (nose up angle) = speed. so if you are dropping too fast, add power, don't just pull up. Flaps make you drop faster without gaining speed, but with most military aircraft a fair amount of power still has to be carried to maintain altitude. The rudder is supremely important here because adding power at slow speeds means lots of torque, so you have to use a lot of rudder to compensate for that. Try landing a little fast at first, that usually helps form the stalling standpoint. Hope this helps some

    good luck
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    And wow.. I think some of us were typing the same things at the same time.
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    Just spent 3 hrs trying to land, and guess what, I can land a plane, not always, but enough to give me courage to continue, which I did. Bombs are fun, rofl.
    I even landed several times onto the runway.
    I played a mission once, but is it normal that I can't see my compas? and that I have to fly a very long way before I can do sth? Like shooting sth, etc... I ran on autopilot till I got there, once autopilot was of, I crashed, lol. So far mission 1. I have to quit now, real duty calls.
    Anyone? which patch do I need?

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