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    video description:

    "Old color shots of rare US Navy aircraft aboard USS Enterprise and around the San Diego area. Filmed for the 1941 movie "Dive Bomber". Scarce aircraft such as the Douglas TBD-1 Devastator, Curtis..."

    really nice. some planes I never see before.

    if possible to someone answer please, wich is the name of the biplane aicraft at 4.05 of the video?

    make's me remember of the Wildcat, but I beat that it's the previos design as the Wildcat was adapted from a biplane figther wich I don't remember the name. but just a confirmation to have sure.
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    Its a Grumman f2f i think. Or it might be the F3F improved variant.
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    It would be a real hoot to have the F3F in the game.
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    I believe that it was an F2F. As I recall, the F3F had bulges all around the cowling to accomodate a larger & more powerful engine.


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    Great video.

    Here is a picture of the Grumman F3F based at Chino's Planes of Fame Museum taken at the 2008 airshow.
    Pictures taken at the 2008 Chino airshow.

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    F3F-3. You can usually find "Dive Bomber" pretty cheap on Amazon.
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