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    Pacific41-45ver2.01pt1 is available for free download:


    This package offers three GrandCampaign to be used with Paul Lowengrin's DCG using Full DGen Auto Replacement Mode.

    Here the included Grandcampaigns organization.

    Guadalcanal Grandcampaign:
    Operation Watchtower-Guadalcanal, August 42
    Battle of East Salomons, September 42
    Anderson Field Perimeter defence, October 42
    Battle of Santa Cruz, October 42
    Battle of Savo Island, November 42

    Marianas 44 Grandcampaign:
    Saipan invasion, June 44
    First Battle of Philippine Sea, June 44
    Saipan and Tinian conquest, June-July 44
    Guam liberation, July 44

    Japan 45 Grandcampaign (fictional):
    Koshiki Jima, August 45
    Japan -KYushu- invasion, late 45

    There are also more minor, fictional campaigns/engagements I used to dynamically link historical Campaign in the DCG GrandCampaign organization.

    Foregoing Campaign/Grandcampaign are playable for the USN CV service pilot.


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    wow where do we get it?
    great work
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    Originally posted by Siwarrior:
    wow where do we get it?
    great work
    At the Lowgrin website
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    Pacific41-45ver2.01pt2 will be soon available at http://www.Lowengrin.com.
    I will add playable pilot career for USMC service, and new campaigns too....
    Pacific41-45ver2.01pt2 will also fix Pacific41-45ver2.01pt2 known troubles.

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    It's available now!
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