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    I mostly fly the 109k4 on GreaterGreen.This was a very rare event and with extreme luck I shot down 5 latewar fighters in one sortie( from start to landing) and also on a wintermap where the visibility is worst in the 109.

    The lucky part was when i watched the tracks and noticed that i always happened to be on their blind spots in turns.
    I got 2 yak3, one of them in a headon and the other overshot and just ended up infront.
    1 La 7 with a longdistance deflectionshot, and a p39 in another headon. and I think it was another La 7 that had ben hit and crashed later on landing.

    I have never repeated it bcause a normal fight
    1 on 1 with either the yak3 or La7 can only be won by them unless they are newbies.
    At least I havent been shot down 1 on1 when flying yak3 or La7 under normal circumstances.
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    One/sortie this is my max
    Every time with an IL2.Mind you , they were IN THE AIR AT 1000m. Stay away from my Shturmo!

    Zayets out

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    Almost always with views but all other settings realistic I've managed to score 5 kills and then land. That was with a P-51D...and it was probably luck since most of the guys seem to just roll over and present their tails for the shooting.

    - IceFire
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    7 Kills FW190D9 44
    50% fuel

    FR (but with limited friendly icons)
    The Dora has fantastic amounts of ammunition, the trick is getting enough hits to make the kill. In FR this is actually somewhat easier due to the general likelyhood of attack by surprise.

    In an IL2-43M, my personal record is 16 fighter kills with one load of ammunition but no other ordinance,(3 in the air, 13 on the ground during a base suppresion attack) after returning in a plane missing the rudder, one elevator, elevator controls destroyed, rear gunner killed, one landing gear shot off, leaking fuel like crazy, streaming black smoke from 3 places and the engine grinding like a dying beast.

    The numerous holes in the wings were large enough to see through, you could see through the fueselage and big chunks were missing from the wingtips as well. The landing approach without elevators was done through a combination of aileron rolls and throttling up and down. I was lucky enough to bounce along on the remaining main gear and fall onto the opposite wingtip as the plane came to a stop -- without bending the prop

    Black 6
    TX-Squadron CO
    clyndes@hotmail.com (IM Only)
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    6 kills , flying the hurricane IIc

    i bagged ;
    3 Bf109s
    2 Yak-3s
    1 Hurricane IIc

    1 i blew up totally , 4 crashed after recieveing heavy damadge & the last one run away & landed
    ( i had run outta ammo & was RTB myself when i got the " enemy destroyed " message )
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    I've gotten 3 a couple of times, msotly in servers with externals on. The first time was definitely with cockpit off, since then I think I've managed it at least once (out of maybe 3-4 times total) with the pit on.

    Oh, you didn't mean "...and survived the mission" did you ?
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    Three if I recall correctly. P-39 N-10, FW-190 A8 (or A9) and a Bf-109 G2. I was in a FW-190 A-5. Full real, no externals, icons etc..

    "As weaponry, both were good, but in far different ways from each other. In a nutshell, I describe it this way: if the FW 190 was a sabre, the 109 was a florett, or foil, like that used in the precision art of fencing." - Gunther Rall

    Look Noobie, we already told you, we don't have the Patch!
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    I have shot down 3 planes in a single sortie more times than I remember. I've done this in the 109, Yak, and La, and all are air to air kills, I don't often vulch in a fighter.

    I believe I made 3 kills in a V1.11 P40, but there was lots of luck around.

    My best sortie ever was 4 kills, all easy as pie, and I landed without a scratch. This seemed to take only minutes (I didn't time it sadly, how could I guess what was coming) and I was so happy that I just disconnected right then and there after I respawned. No need to have getting shot down ruin a game like that! What a thrill I walked away with.

    I think I'm most proud of my efforts in the Bi-1 rocket though. I have killed a Me262, in a fair fight one time. I killed a Dora a couple days ago as well. I think my record in the Bi-1 is 2 kills in a sortie, I did this only once, as the ammo is gone so fast.

    EDIT: I forgot to say what settings... they were different on each server. I never turn off the cockpit, and rarely go to outside view, so the difficulty is always the same for me, regardless of server settings.

    EDIT AGAIN: Oh, and once I scored 1200 points or so in a Stuka, by vulching. I did this in two sorties, but since I don't know how many points I was getting for each kill, I don't know how many kills I made on average.

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    my best is 5 kills in a 190 a4 and 190 a8 in full real, landed both times with just enough fuel to spare.

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    8 without vulching in virtualpilots2 with the p40m, g2s g6s and b239s, rtb shotup and no ammo.

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