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    in a previous post it was stated that with a usb headset you could get voice from the headset while getting sound effects from your speakers (Bearcat, I think). I was planning on purchasing a usb headset for this reason (and a new sound card).

    however, in a current post in the Help discussion area, someone is stating that since a Usb headset is not plugged directly into the soundcard, only on board sound can be used. the sound card can only be utilized if the headset is plugged directly into the soundcard (non-USB). from my understanding , on board sound has to be disabled to utilize another sound card. Should I bother buying a sound card and Usb headset if I can't use both together? Since nobody seems to be able to answer this in community help, I was hoping someone would know here.
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    You can get an external USB sound card and use a USB headset. I don't think they make an internal PCI slotted sound card that has a USB hook up. Just google "USB Sound Card" and check out the links it brings up.
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    Ok, done this for about two years now.

    1. Purchase USB headset which contains signal processor (sound card) in the headset cable. I have two Plantronics that have this (one for home PC, one smaller one for laptop when on the road).

    2. after you follow the directions and install the USB headset software, then the installation software will prompt you to either reboot and plug in your USB headphones, or just plug them in without rebooting.

    3. After your headphones are up and working - Go into the windows Control Panel Sound options and select your Sound Card (mine is an Audigy2) for "Sound Planback" under the Audio Tab.

    4. Select the "Voice" Tab. Then change selection under "Voice Playback" and "Voice Recording" to whatever your usb headphone device is. Mine says "Plantronics Headset".

    So in summary, if you get the right unit (actually I think all USB sets have their own signal processing but I'm NOT SURE so read the description carefully before ordering) - you now have two hardware sound cards, it's just that one of them is in the cable (Large object can't miss it).

    Last note, my usb sets were between 70 - $100 each, so I'd expect to pay over 50 bucks for one. Don't skimp on this or you'll get poor sound. Remember your paying for the headphones and the internal signal processing.

    Oh, yeah last note - I don't enable my motherboard sound processor. It does'nt sound that good and eats frame rates.

    Hope this helped.


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    Been using this for a while too: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/E...=103,CONTENTID=10013

    Once you did what Gun suggested... make sure that in any communication programs such as TS, Ventrillo....etc.. you select USB Headset as playback and recording. It is really nice to have game sounds going separate from coms. Highly recommended
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    I recently bought a Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound headset, which suits me as I need to be able to keep the noise down when flying at night. An outstanding piece of kit and, I thought, not outrageously expensive at around â£40 new.

    One of the great features is that it is possible to control the volume of the speaker dealing with voice comms separate to other cockpit sounds - makes life much easier and means you can still crank the engine noises up, too.


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    Ivan that is the headset I use.. and I didnt have to install any software.. Windows will automatically see it as a seperate sound source regardless... at least XP does. Just plug it in and then go to the CP and set it up accordingly. The only thing is if you do music recording on your PC specifically vocals you will have to set it up when you go back and forth.. which is what 5 seconds worth of work. It should be fine.. IMO it is the only way to fly using comms.
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    thanks guys!

    this is precisely the advice I was seeking. A/C sound through speakers and comm thru the headset will add tremendously to the realism. as a professional pilot (but not able to shoot anything)I'm amazed at the level of realism that can be attained with all the ad-ons available (trackIR, stick/throttle/rudder, etc.) This sim is more advanced in some ways than than the program we currently use at work for training, and with the pit I'm currently building I may be able to retire soon and not miss a bit of flying.
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    Hey ,

    RUnning plantronics USB headset for comms. Gotta say I love it as the game audio runs though a nice audio card to really nice speakers. 8^) The only problem I have now is the freeking wires. ANyone know of a wireless headset + Mic that I can plug into the USB audio outs from the plantronics? Then when I roll around in my chair or get up I can just leave the headset on and stop having to mess with the wires which are nearly always in the way.

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