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    When I go to the roster in campaign, there are some strange symbols in pilots'names.This happens with Finnish, Hungarian and Slovakian pilots.Does anybody know how to fix it please?
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    Are you using Mods?
    If so, please ask for a solution where you got the mods from, we do not support them here.

    If not, well, very weird, as usually these issues occur when mods are being installed.
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    I've seen that without mods, just stock 4.08m/4.09m. It happened in a Luftwaffe campaign in a couple of the pilot names. I figured it might be a font problem where a non-standard character in a foreign language was causing the problem.
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    That looks like a Russian character to me using the Cyrillic alphabet.
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    It seems that the letter that is supposed to be there is ä. But I don´t get it why does it appear to be showing correctly in vääpeli and other ranks. I have no idea what is happening there.
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    This looks like a unicode problem to me.

    All non-standard English letters (like letters with little dots or lines over them, letters with lines through them, little tails etc) all have their designated unicode number. The letter ä is U+00E4. However, unicode has developed over time, and sometimes computers may have old or non-standard unicode systems, and sometimes the operative system reads the unicode incorrectly. The result is that "funny letters" are replaced by other equally outlandish looking letters. This used to be a big problem for languages with funny letters (like my native Norwegian) back in the 1990'ies, and can still happen in systems with simplified lettering, like some e-mail programs.
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    Font problem.
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    ?? ???! ?????, ?????!
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    ??? ??????!
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    ??? ??????! ?? ?????, ??-?????, ????????????.

    BTW - that's not a strange character. It's a cyrillic letter D.
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