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    hey everyone,

    I'm getting ready to move to Ramstein in Oct and i wanted to know a few things....Do u have cable or DSL? how much is it (in dollars) what's the weather like in Oct? Any paintball fields near there? Are the streets big enough to bring a 04 F150 or should i just buy something overthere. What does it cost for a 1 room apartment? Any help would be much needed.
    Thanks all
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    Hi Colwell,

    since I live in Wiesbaden I would not say I live near Ramstein (although 150 km might not be that far compared to distances in your country )but you have DSL and cable almost all over germany. I pay 12 Euro (approax. 16 USD) a month for the DSL flatrate but you could surely get it much cheaper. The weather in october is most of the time above 0 degrees celsius but very rainy.I can't tell you anything about paintball fields, but the streets a surely big enough for you truck, although a car with less thirst might be an option since you have to pay aproax. 2,00 USD for one litre(NOT one galone)gasolin. 1 room appartements should be quite cheap down there, maybe 300 USD incl. additional expenses.

    Hope you have a good time there
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    I lived in Ramstein, but it's dated but some things probably haven't changed.

    Ford truck should be no problem though a few of the small towns might have some tough streets to navigate. Weather in Oct is a lot like the NorthWest of the USA. Mostly cold, drizzly rain. I got there on Oct 2 and it was the same drizzly rain for 45 days.

    When the summer comes its gorgeous. Winters have snow but not too bad. The good thing is you are not more than 200 miles from many, many good cities.

    Summer activities to snow skiing are easy to reach and you can easily spend a weekend in Paris and be back at work on Monday morning.

    Can't tell about the cost...it's been 12 years since I lived there...

    Oh, back then Vogelweh (about 5 miles from Ramstein) had several paintball fields and there were several local German clubs, but that was 12 years ago...
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    I live in Kusel, about 24 kilometers away, DSL is available, from 15-25 Euro. Cable modems you can get on base, usually more expensive. Cable TV can be had by TKS, on base. You have to get a decoder for AFN channels. You can also get SKY satelite service, it is UK, or Deutch Cable TV.
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    Freaky...I am just listening to the song Rammstein, by the group Rammstein. Coincedence? I think not!
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    AFAIK they called themselves "Rammstein" because of the infamous 'Frecce Triccolori' crash on August 28th 1988 af Ramstein AFB (near Landstuhl, Rheinland-Pfalz state), killing 70+ people.

    Being a band that has provocating lyrics in most of their songs, that fits in pretty well.

    Dunno where the second "m" comes from though
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    They put it in so as to not be a direct link to that crash, and out of respect, which yes is where they got their name from.
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    Since that crash any kind of military formation aerobatics are forbidden in Germany.
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    Bloody ell
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